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Music Me Free
Therapeutic Brainwave Music For Freeing Your Mind and Spirit.

Meditation Mp3's

Alpha, Theta, Delta

Astral Projection Mp3's

Energy & Focus Mp3's

Affirmations Mp3's

Deep Mp3 Series

Discount Mp3 Bundle

Music For Meditation, Relaxation, Sleep, Stress Relief, Energy & more

Welcome To Music Me Free

We have designed our mp3's with binaural beats and isochronic tones which are very specific frequencies, and then combined them with a wide-variety of nature sounds and relaxation music.

Music that incorporates binaural beats and isochronic tones can potentially help you achieve:

More effective meditation

Improved sleep

Heightened creativity

Better focus

....and a variety of other states of mind.

Our music includes:

  • Ethnic inspired soundtracks (Indian, Celtic, Middle Eastern, Asian, etc)
  • Weightlessness, Floating, Outer Space soundtracks
  • Spiritual (choir, meditation, shamanic)
  • "Primordial" Sounds
  • Nature (rain, forest, etc) combined with ambient sound
  • Unique Musical Tracks
  • Thunderstorm sounds
  • Night time noises
  • Running Brook
  • Underwater Whale sounds
  • Chimes
  • Tibetan Bowls
All Music Me Free mp3's are created with top of the line professional brainwave entrainment tools. (See how a sessions is made).

Music Me Free mp3's are high quality and effective.
In our sessions we use MP3 format (MPEG-1 Audio Layer-3) which is a standard technology and format for compressing a sound sequence into a very small file while preserving the original level of sound quality when it is played.

Listening to our brainwave mp3's is exactly the same as listening to brainwave CD's - the sound quality is the same, and no entrainment is lost or watered down in the compressed mp3 format.

All Music Me Free mp3's are backed by a 60 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.
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For a detailed Introduction about Music Me Free products and Brainwave Entrainment in general Click Here.

Our Youtube Video

(Samples of our music, nature sounds, and brainwave entrainment frequencies).


Music Me Free products help bring you to a peaceful state of mind.

Our music can can change and alter your moods FOR THE BETTER.

Our music is remarkably helpful to listeners.
Brainwave Mp3's for your Mp3 Player, ipod, ipad, Computer etc.

Our unique brainwave entrainment mp3's will work on mobile phones that are mp3 capable, ipods, ipads, mp3 players, or even on your computer media player if you don't have a mp3 player.

We have produced remarkably potent and powerful products for effectively calming the mind, soothing the emotions, relaxing the body, and quite literally, freeing the soul.

Music Me Free products appeal not just to the ear, but also to your being on a holistic level.
Music Me Free products are a progressive form of music therapy specifically designed to be calming, soothing and to strengthen the body, mind and soul.

After your purchase you can create a username and password for downloading the mp3's.

Music Me Free Mp3 Pack
(13 mp3's, 13 hours)

Strings, piano, acoustic guitar and synth effects mixed with isochronic tones and nature sounds (rain, thunder, water, whale sounds, birds, ocean sounds etc.) weave an inspirational tapestry in this collection of Alpha, Theta, and Delta brainwave mp3's, ideal as yoga meditation music , new age music, massage music, background music, mood music and nature music.


Energy and Focus Mp3 Pack
(13 Mp3's, Over 5 hours)

These sessions are mostly beta level sessions which are best used in the morning and can be a great stimulant to help you start off the day. There is no need to listen to every session every day. Several sessions are included so you have a variety to choose from. Preferably you only need to listen to one beta session once a day. In some cases it is recommended that you listen to gamma sessions no more than once or twice a week.


Meditation Inner Peace Mp3 Pack
(Over 20 Mp3's, Over 15 hours)

More and more people are turning to meditation as a way to seek inner peace, calm the emotions, quiet the mind, heal the body, and replenish the spirit. It has been scientifically documented that periods of regular brainwave entrainment by means of listening to mp3's embedded with theta binaural beats or isochronic tones can lead to an increase in overall emotional calmness, relaxation, deep inner peace, intelligence, creativity, focus and mental clarity also improving memory, raising IQ and creating a rise in energy, and reduction in stress levels.


Deep Mp3 Series
(5 Mp3's, 3 hours)

3 Deep Relaxation Mp3's - The Deep Relaxation mp3 files are great to use in the middle of the day when you need to take a time out from the daily stress of life. They can also be used upon awakening in the morning, or even at night when you are ready to relax.

1 Deep Meditation Mp3 - When used regularly the Deep Meditation mp3 can help train your mind to enter deep states of meditation at the theta level.

1 Deep Sleep Mp3 - This is an hour long mp3 for inducing a deep, healthy sleep when used regularly. There are no scripts or voices in this mp3. The Deep Sleep mp3 consists of ambient sounds and night sounds embedded with isochronic tones. The isochronic tones begin at the alpha level and gradually descend to the delta level for inducing deep sleep.

Powerful Affirmation Mp3 Pack
(12 Categories, 48 Mp3's, Over 15 hours)

Affirmations (also known as suggestions) are positive statements that are most effective for making changes in certain areas of a person's life when they are spoken to the sub conscious mind when the individual is in a state of relaxation. This is why our powerful affirmation sessions consist of binaural beats (for inducing relaxation), as well as soothing ambient music, and pleasant water sounds (in some sessions). The effectiveness of each session varies from person to person, and depends upon how willing you are to let go.


Astral Projection Mp3 Pack
(10 Mp3's, Over 7 hours)

The phenomenon of astral projection helps establish a connection between the physical and the spiritual self of the same individual. Deep meditation is the key in achieving this contact. Binaural beats can help you induce deep meditation and thus attain astral projection. Achieving astral projection requires a calmness of mind and deep meditation. Only when the mind is free from all thoughts and doubts, fears and ideas is it capable of achieving the serenity necessary for astral projection. It is in this regard that the binaural beats come in handy. The main use of binaural beats is to attain a state of mental calm; the most important step in achieving astral projection.



All-in-One Brainwave Mp3 Bundle


Music Me Free Mp3 Pack

Energy and Focus Mp3 Pack

Meditation & Inner Peace Mp3 Pack

Powerful Affirmations Mp3 Pack

Astral Projection Mp3 Pack

Deep Mp3 Series



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